MPhil/PhD Programme 2017

20th May 20178.30am-10.30amIdentifying a research problem and setting research objectivesProf. Amala de Silva
10.45am-12.45amFormulating research questions and hypothesesDr. Kumudika Boyagoda
27th May 201708.30am-10.30amDeveloping a conceptual frameworkDr. Kumudika Boyagoda
10.45am-12.45pmIntroduction to quantitative research designsProf. Amala de Silva
03rd June 201708.30am-10.30amSampling- when to study whom?Prof. S.P. Premarathne
11.00am-01.00pmAcademic Writing IIProf. Sandagomi Coperahewa
10th June 201708.30am-10.30amSampling- when to study whom?
Prof. S.P. Premarathne
10.45am-12.45amSocial Science Research
Dr. Harendra Vidanage (BCIS)
17th June 201708.30am-10.30amUsing IT for your thesisDr. Ruwan Weerasinghe
10.45am-12.45pmIT for data collection/ Data Sorting
Dr. Ruwan Weerasinghe
24th June 201708.30am-10.30amAnalyzing quantitative dataProf. Athula Ranasinghe
10.45am-12.45pmIntroduction to qualitative research designsProf. Premakumara De Silva
01st July 201708.30am-10.30pmConducting field research
Prof. Premakumara De Silva
10.45am-12.45pmEthics in conducting researchDr. Panduka Karunanayake
15th July 201708.30am-10.30amAnalyzing qualitative data
Prof. Premakumara De Silva
10.45am-12.45pmContent AnalysisDr. Sharvika Amarasinghe
22nd July 201708.30am-10.30amInterview as a research tool
Prof. Premakumara De Silva
10.45am-12.45pmEthical concerns of writing your thesis
Dr. Dushyanthi Mendis

29th July 201708.30am-10.30amResearch Ethics Clearance
Dr. Achala Jayatilleke
10.45am-12.45pmWriting your thesis (with particular reference to gender sensitive writing)Dr. Sharvika Amarasinghe
05th August 201708.30am-10.30amAcademic Writing II
Prof. Sandagomi Coperahewa
12th August10.45am-12.45pmWriting your research proposal: An overall inquiry
Dr. Shermal Wijewardena
08.30am-10.30amOvercoming Writer’s Block
Dr. Shermal Wijewardena