The Library of Graduate School was established in January 1987 affiliated to the Institute of Graduate School, University of Colombo, under the guidance of Professor Ariyadasa Silva, the Director of Graduate School, and the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stanly Wijesundara. This Library was housed at the administrative building in College House premises, which is located at Kumaratunga Munidasa Mawatha.

Prof. Stanly Wijesundara

Prof. Ariyadasa Silva

Beginning of the FGS Library (1988 -1990)

With the establishment of the Faculty of Graduate Studies in 1988, the Library of Graduate School has converted to the Library Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Colombo. The Library started with a limited number of books approximately around 3000 books which had been donated by Asia Foundation. At that time the Library was overlooked by a one single Assistant Librarian (Ms. Pradeepa Wijethunga), two Library Assistants (Ms. K. L. Dayalatha and Mr. Kothlawala), and only one Labourer (Mr. W. Wimaladasa). Assistant Librarian Ms. Pradeepa Wijetunga was the first Librarian of the FGS library under Professor R.S. Ramakrishna, the Dean Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Prof. R.S. Ramakrishna

Ms. P. Wijethunga

Mr. Kothalawala

Ms. K. L. Dayalatha

Mr. W. Wimaladasa

From the end of 1988 to mid-1989, Ms. D. C. Kuruppu (Assistant Librarian) worked as the Acting Librarian for the Faculty of Graduate Studies Library. During this time period, there was not enough fund allocation by the Treasury or the University to purchase Library resources and needful library equipment. There was only one typewriter inside the Library to carry out all its documentation, thus the Faculty Board had decided to allocate a considerable percentage of funds to the Library from the income of ongoing programmes. There onwards, the Library was facilitated as the knowledge hub for the registered students of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The library was kept open every weekday from 1.00 pm to 8.00 pm and every weekend from 7.00 am to 8.00 pm.

FGS Library (1990-1993)

The first computer for the Faculty of Graduate Studies was purchased in the year 1991. At that period, Ms. Pradeepa Wijethungawas was the Assistant Librarian while Prof. Chandra Rodrigo served as the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Using the purchased computer, the first library database had been created and continued to automate the Library gradually.

FGS Library (1994-1998)

During the period of 1994 to 1998, Professor W.D. Lakshman served as the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. During his period, in 1994 the library has received five computers. Utilizing those computers the first computer network for the Faculty of Graduate Studies Library was initiated. The Library database was moved from the computer located at the Faculty of Graduate Studies to one of the newly received computers under the supervision of the Assistant Librarian Ms. Pradeepa Wijetunga. During the period, Mr. C. Weerasooriya, Assistant Librarian, worked as the Acting Librarian while Ms. Pradeepa Wijetunga was on sabbatical leave.  The library collection had increased to around 6000 printed resources and started to subscribe to the famous journal Wall Street. Also, the library had started purchasing International newspapers too.

Prof. W.D. Lakshman

FGS Library (2000-2003)

During this period, Professor KusumaKarunaratne was the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. With the expansion of the faculty and due to the limited space,a decision was taken to merge the Faculty of Graduate Studies Library with the Main Library. With that decision, the Faculty of Graduate Studies Library merged with the Main Library in 2000. All the books and furniture that belonged to the Faculty of Graduate Studies Library were shifted to the Main Library. From that point onwards, Main Library, University of Colombo had started catering to the Faculty of Graduate Studies graduates and other users and gradually library resources were increased.

Main Library Building
Faculty of Graduate Studies Library is located at the Main Library (2000 – 2015)

FGS Library (2003 – 2015)

In 2006, under Professor Lakshman Dissanakaya as the Dean Faculty of Graduates Studies, it started to maintain a small book collection inside the faculty itself because it was essential for the students’ studies. In 2015, the library was re-opened under Professor Sunil Chandrasiri who was serving as the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, with the miniature book collection. Further, Ms. Kalpana Manathunga, Senior Assistant Librarian was appointed to overlook the library activities. In this period, the Dean was able to add two library assistants for the cadre. The Library was located in the same administrative premises of the College House with a limited number of books related to the programmes conducted by the Faculty of Graduate Studies at that time. During this period, the library was further developed through the efforts of the Dean. He could enhance the collection of books up to about 1200 related to the subjects under each programme which were essential for postgraduate students as extra readings. Many books were purchased, and books were received as donations too.

Prof. Lakshman Dissanayaka

Prof. Sunil Chandrasiri

FGS Library (2016 to Present)

The tenure of Professor Nayani Melegoda as the Dean was the beginning of the present Library. The library was shifted to the present premises in 2017, with the Faculty of Graduate Studies moving to the newly constructed seven-storied building at Stanly Wijesundara Mawatha. The library is located on the third floor of the Faculty of Graduate Studies building with modern facilities and purchased many resources and equipment needed to become a highly sophisticated Library.

Faculty of Graduate Studies
Library Faculty of Graduate Studies is located in the 2nd floor

Further, during this period, the Library has been staffed with two Library Assistants and an Assistant Librarian. The faculty of Graduate Studies library provides opportunities for all registered students in the Faculty of Graduate Studies to carry on their studies in a better educational environment. In 2021, Mr. N. M. Karannagoda, Assistant Librarian was appointed to oversee the Faculty of Graduates Studies Library activities. At present the library has nearly 1378 resourceful collections of books in Management, Computing, and Research Methodology. Further, the library has consisted of a vibrant Mhpill and PhD dissertation collection. Professor Nayani Melegoda, the present Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, is working on further development of the library. The library is also equipped with modern sit and read facilities, computers, and Wi-Fi facilities that allow students to discover new horizons of knowledge in relevant fields of study. At present, the library consists of more than 20 computers, and students are given access to highly reputed online library resources and library facilities.

Prof. Nayani Melegoda