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FGS offers an array of high quality multi disciplinary research programmes leading to M.Phil & Ph.D degrees

Leading Postgraduate Institute located in the heart of the commercial capital of the country

Learning Management System

Learning Management System


Faculty of Graduate Studies

94, Cumarathunge Munidasa Mawatha, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka

Tel: (+94) 011 205 56 56,

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(+94) 011 205 58 60,(+94) 011 205 58 61, (+94) 011 215 8084,

(+94)011 215 8086, (+94) 011 215 8087,(+94) 011 215 8088

Hot lines: (+94) 0711 665 665, (+94) 0777 858 858

Fax: (+94) 011 25 91 395

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Annual Research Sessions 2015


Sunday, 25th of October 2015,

9.00am – 1.00pm




FGS - Institutional Review 2011

Recommendation and action taken



Action Taken


Set up a faculty-based curriculum review committee

Committee comprising of the Dean, CCs and Industry experts. 

Conducted separately for each programme.


Set up a progress review and monitoring committee at the faculty level and obtain feedback from the stakeholders concerned in relation to all aspects ensuring sustainable growth and development of the program(s)

Taken up at BSDS/BSPS meetings


It is advisable to design and introduce the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration/ Public Management and the Environmental Policy Analysis programs with a professional outlook

Implemented PgDPA&PM and MPAPM


Make aware of all the academic and supportive staff in the Faculty of being consistent in all activities they perform, conforming to and demonstrating the academic and professional standards they ought to maintain

  1. a)Discussed at BSPS/BSDS level for academics
  2. b)Discussed at weekly staff meetings e.g. Dean, DR and SAB
  3. c)Discussed at regular staff meetings with non-academic staff
  4. d)Further emphasized at annual welfare trips where Coordinators and entire non-academic staff participates


Organize and conduct in-service training programs for all academic and supportive staff in the faculty:

No Need


Create permanent cadre positions for the Computer laboratory and the Library

Achieved only for the Library.  Several initiatives have been taken to create a permanent cadre positions for the  Computer unit & office staff  but bureaucratic procedures of university administration.


Create an environment to meet academic staff handling a program to meet and exchange their views and make suggestions

Implemented at BSDS/BSPS level


Establish a common room for students

Will be ready in early 2016 in the new building


Provide better canteen and parking facilities

Will be ready in early 2016 in the new building


Devise a single Faculty Handbook

Single faculty brochure has been developed


Provide an Information Desk at the office



Provision of a better filing system and a Record Room

Implemented and it is a long-term process



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