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Economic liberalization in the post-1977 period shifted the emphasis of entrepreneurship from centralized government control to decentralized market oriented private enterprise. The success of small and large-scale production and commerce in domestic and international trade settings is dependent on efficient management. In this transitional period from planning to market oriented entrepreneurship, and from centralized government control to decentralized market oriented private enterprise, the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) provides key training that equips students for these challenges. With the success of small and large-scale production and commerce, from agricultural predominance to industrialization, from satisfying domestic demand to capturing international trading spheres, firms are facing an intense problem in recruiting efficient, knowledgeable and farsighted management staff. Recognizing the need for a changing and competitive world of enterprise, such firms are demanding better qualified executives who are able to deal effectively, not only with day-to-day routine work, but also to make a significant contribution to the corporate planning strategies of the country.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management will attempt to bridge the gap between the academic knowledge gained during the first degree/Diploma and the management needs in the currently competitive business arena. Undergraduates who have performed well in their degree courses will now be given the opportunity to improve their practical skills. Since this course incorporates management related subjects, it will improve their competitiveness in the labour market.

Undergraduates, whose horizon was limited to the public sector, a currently shrinking domain, will now be trained to face the demands of a competitive business environment with confidence. They will be equipped with the skills of analysis, presentation and decision making necessary to succeed in securing attractive employment opportunities and in becoming skilful managers who are assets to their employers.

The PGDBM is a valuable qualification as it fulfils the expectations of employers in the organized private sector who demand qualifications and training beyond a first degree/Diploma.

Semester I

PGDBM 5101 – Accounting and Finance
PGDBM 5102 – Business Economics
PGDBM 5103 – Quantitative Techniques
PGDBM 5104 – Management Process & Practices

Semester II

PGDBM 5205 – Human Resource Management
PGDBM 5206 – Operations Management
PGDBM 5207 – Marketing Management
PGDBM 5208 – Strategic Management
PGDBM 5209 – Research Methods

  • The program of study leading to the PGDip (Busi Mgmt), unless otherwise decided by the Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty Board for special reasons, as prescribed in the schedule shall be one academic year  with nine (09)  courses of 26  credits, offered in two semesters.
  • The titles of courses, syllabi, course codes, credit point and other details are those set out in the schedule and the Senate shall have power, on the recommendation of the Faculty Board of the FGS to amend, add to, delete from or vary the courses, their titles, syllabi, course codes, credit points and other details of the programme. Such amendments shall come into effect after due notice.
  • The Programme of Study and Examinations leading to the PGDip (Busi Mgmt) will be conducted in the conventional mode and/or through the information communication technology driven on-line mode or a combination of multi-modes and these By-Laws, and other relevant By-Laws, Rules and Regulations passed by the University of Colombo shall be so applied and interpreted in order to facilitate the effective conduct of the study programme without compromising its integrity and quality.
  • The medium of instruction and examination shall be English.
  • The Senate, on the recommendation of the Faculty Board of the FGS shall appoint a Board of Examiners to conduct examinations and assess the performance of candidates.
  • The Senate, on the recommendation of the Faculty Board shall appoint a Board of Examiners to conduct and assess the performance of candidates.

By-law of PG Dip-Busi Mgmt

  • Duration: One year
  • Weekend Programme
  • SLQF level: 8
  • Number of Credits: 26
  • Medium of Instructions: English
  • A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University/ Institution in Business Management; or
  • Any other Bachelor’s degree, with prior learning/ work experience in Business Management; or
  • Professional qualification in Business Management from a recognized professional     body acceptable to the  Faculty  Board of the FGS  and Senate of the University of Colombo with prior learning/ work experience  in Business Management; or
  • Completion of NVQ level 7 (equivalent to Bachelor’s degree  in SLQF)  with relevant work experience in Business Management as determined by the  Faculty  Board of the FGS  and Senate of the University of Colombo; And
  • A good knowledge of English language and satisfactory performance at a selection test and/or selection interview.
  • A person who wishes to apply for the FGS programmes shall forward the application to the Senior Assistant Registrar, Faculty of Graduate Studies, No.35/30, Pro. Stanley Wijesundara Mawatha, Colombo 07.
  • Applications can be downloaded from ( the faculty website.
  • The students will be selected through an interview or a placement test or both.
  • The next intake will be announced via the website, at the time of calling for applicants.

Application Fee: LKR 3,000/-
Registration Fee: LKR 5,000/-
Course Fee: LKR 125,000/-
Library Fee: LKR 1500/-
Examination Fee: LKR 18000/-
(Per one paper 2000*9)
Refundable Library Deposit: LKR 5,000/-
(Rs. 2,500/= per card)

  • Professor AA Azeez
  • Dr. MPP Dharmadasa
  • Dr. AAC Abeysinghe
  • Professor STWS Yapa
  • Dr. R Senathiraja
  • Dr. GRP Silva
  • Dr. HMN Padmasiri
  • Dr. AWMM Atapattu
  • Dr. WAS Dishanka
  • Ms. KGK Fernando
  • Ms. NRAS Rajapaksha
  • Mr. WMGPCB Wijekoon
  • Dr. MR Chandrasekara

Course Coordinator

Professor A. A. Azeez
PhD, Yokohama National University, Japan

Email: /
Telephone: +94 11 250 12 94

Course Assistant

Ms. Limani

Phone: (+94) 11 205 56 56