Masters in Conflict and Peace Studies - MCPS 2023/24


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Intake 2023
Closing date of the applications is extended till 15th October 2023

Payment Options

Payment Option 1

Please pay at any branch of the People’s Bank Island-wide using the usual deposit slip. Fill in the slip using the following information and your personal information. Please keep a photocopy/scanned copy of the slip with you before providing it to the university.

Account Number: 318161000004
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Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Colombo

Payment Option 2

Please follow the instructions given below.

Those who are unable to pay the application fee to the Bank, they can pay the application fee using the online payment (Pay Online) method of the University of Colombo.

  • Please select “Course Fee – pst grad(FGS/FMF/FOS/Law” for the Fee Type
  • Select Visa or Master
  • Enter your Name, NIC (National Identity Card Number) or Passport Number and LKR 3000/=(Local Students)/ 40 USD (Foreign Students) as the Amount.
  • Type the account number 318161000004 for Payment Reference. Then click the verify button
  • Please add your name instead of Student Reg No.
  • Submit your information.
  • Check and confirm your details.
  • Enter your card details and proceed .

You should submit the online payment confirmation receipt instead of payment slip in addition to the requested documents as mentioned in the advertisement.


The Masters in Conflict and Peace Studies (MCPS) programme at the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Colombo is an interdisciplinary programme that provides students the opportunity to identify potential approaches to conflict resolution in order to build a more peaceful social order . This MCPS programme opens students to the underlying drivers of contention at the interpersonal, community, local, state, national, and global levels and the social and political developments that have prompted the change of those contentions. The MCPS educational programme will challenge students to investigate the peaceful settlement of debate through an assortment of disciplinary viewpoints and scholarly methodologies.

This MCPS programme is characterized comprehensively with a specific end goal to permit educators from numerous orders to instruct courses that open students to war and peace, conflict and conflict resolution, violence and non-violence.

More specifically, the programme will attempt to reach the objectives of, inter alia,

  • introducing Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies theories from the seminal works of major scholars, practitioners and their subsequent evolution.
  • providing a lens into the complexity of different approaches to Conflict and Peace Studies and its current discourse/s.
  • enabling students to be familiar with the theoretical, methodological and philosophical foundations of peace research.
  • gaining knowledge and understanding about the nature and significance of development and peace issues in the contemporary world.
  • carrying out independent studies for professional development using the knowledge and competencies gained through the learning process

Semester I

MCPS 6101 – Conflict and Peace Studies Foundations
MCPS 6102 – Conflict and Peace Processes: Theories into Practice
MCPS 6103 – Dimensions of Conflict Management and Transformation
MCPS 6104 – Research Methodology

Semester II

MCPS 6201 – War and Violence: Social Cultural and Human Dimensions
MCPS 6202 – Contemporary Issues in Development and Peace
MCPS 6203 – Peace Building Policy and Practices
MCPS 6204 – Independent Study

The program shall be one academic year with eight (08) courses of 30 total credit values, and an independent study component of 7000- 8000 words which carry 07 credits, offered in two semesters.

By-law of MCPS

  • Duration: One year
  • Weekend Programme
  • SLQF level: 9
  • Number of Credits: 30
  • Medium of Instructions: English
  1. A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University / Institution in Conflict and Peace Studies; or
  2. Any other Bachelor’s Degree, with prior learning / work experience in Conflict and Peace Studies; OR
  3. Postgraduate Diploma (SLQF 8) from a recognized University / Institution or an equal qualification acceptable to the Faculty Board of the FGS and the Senate of the University of Colombo with prior learning / work experience in Conflict and Peace Studies; OR
  4. Professional qualification in Conflict and Peace Studies from a recognized professional body with acceptable to the Faculty Board of the FGS and the Senate of University of Colombo with prior learning / work experience in Conflict and Peace Studies; OR
  5. Completion of NVQ level 7 (Equivalent to Bachelor’s degree in SLQF) with relevant work in Conflict and Peace Studies as determined by the Faculty Board of the FGS and the Senate of University of Colombo; AND

A good knowledge of English language and satisfactory performance at a selection test and / or an interview (Each application under clause (v) shall be considered on its merit).

  • A person who wishes to apply for the FGS programmes shall forward the application to the Senior Assistant Registrar, Faculty of Graduate Studies, No.35/30, Pro. Stanley Wijesundara Mawatha, Colombo 07.
  • Applications can be downloaded from ( the faculty website.
  • The students will be selected through an interview.
  • The next intake will be announced via the website, at the time of calling for applicants.

Course Fee ( Local Students)

Application Fee: LKR 3,000/-
Registration Fee: LKR 5,000/-
Course Fee: LKR 181,500/-
Library Fee: LKR 1,500/-
Examination Fee: LKR 12,000/-
(Per one paper 2,000*6)

Refundable Library Deposit: LKR 5,000/-
(LKR 2,500/= per card)

Course Fee ( Foreign Students)

Application Fee: 40 USD
Registration Fee: 65 USD
Course Fee: 2342 USD
Library Fee: 19 USD
Examination Fee: 155 USD

Refundable Library Deposit (Optional): LKR 5000/=
(LKR. 2,500/= per card)

  • Professor Chaminda Padmakumara
  • Professor Nirmali Wijegoonawardana
  • Senior Professor K. Amirthalingam                     
  • Professor Maneesha S. Wanasinghe Pasqual
  • Dr Pavithra Jayawardena
  • Dr Shamini Chandran
  • Dr Jehan Perera
  • Dr Indika Bulankulama                                          
  • Mr M.A.M. Hakeem
  • Ms Anuradha Rodrigo

Course Coordinator

Prof. S.C. Padmakumara
PhD, South Asian University, India

Mobile: (+94)770523788

Course Assistant

Mr. Ayeshmantha

Phone: (+94) 11 205 56 56