Masters in Labour Relations and Human Resource Management - MLRHRM 2021/22


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2021 intake
Application are closing on 26th July 2021

Those who are unable to pay the application fee to the Bank, they can pay the application fee using the online payment (Pay Online) method of the University of Colombo. Please select “Course Fee – pst grad(FGS/FMF/FOS/Law” for the Fee Type and type the account code starting from 318…. given at the advertisement for Payment Reference and proceed the payment. You should submit the online payment confirmation receipt instead of payment slip in addition to the requested documents as mentioned in the advertisement.


Masters in Labor Relations and Human Resource Management (MLRHRM) is a distinctive and innovative program which provides the opportunity to gain knowledge, analyze and appreciate labor relations and human resource management related issues with a special focus on how labor relations and HRM fits with broader societal and economic development aspects of modern Sri Lankan society. A distinguishing feature of the program is its multi-disciplinary approach: the courses are treated both from an applied and a theoretical perspective with scholars deriving their models, methodologies and insights from a variety of core disciplines such as psychology, sociology, economics, demography, law, education and management sciences.

The program is especially deigned to offer the opportunity to learn through experience and engagement – with other students, with program conveners and with the environment, both physical and cultural. The program aims at developing knowledge of a wider spectrum of topics of Human Resource Management (HRM) and labor relations (LR) with especial focus on; what organizations are and how they work with employees; how individual, group and organizational level behaviors affect the workplace; how to evaluate the performance and potential of individual employees; what are the essentials of law governing employment; how to manage employees either in unionized workplaces or in workplaces that might be faced with a certification application. Further, the program aims to develop understanding of relevant approaches and elements of undertaking a research enquiry in the field of HRM and labor relations. In all, the program attempts to educate its participants how HRM is shaped by psycho-social, economic, political, and legal and management choices; how labor relations facilitate HRM in organizations; and how HRM and labor relations influence employee wellbeing, organizational performance, and social cohesion. In general, it focuses on:

a) Appreciation of the motivations of people, their values, their relations and their choices.

b) Recognition of the aims, practices and implications of people management and labor relations at workplaces.

c) Awareness of legal aspects of people management.

d) Awareness of the issues arising in local and global labor markets and a holistic view of responsibility in its economic, environmental, cultural and social dimensions.

Semester I

MLRHRM 51401 – Industrial Psychology and Organizational Behavior
MLRHRM 51402 – Industrial Relations
MLRHRM 51403 – Research Methods

Semester II

MLRHRM 52404 – Organizational Theories and Human Resource Management
MLRHRM 52405 – Employment Law and Employee Rights
MLRHRM 52406 – Performance Appraisal and Rewards Management
MLRHRM 52607 – Independent Study

  • The program of MLRHRM Degree, unless otherwise decided by the Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty Board for special reasons, shall be one academic year with six (06) courses of 24 total credits, and an Independent Study component of 7000-8000 words which carries 6 credits, offered in two semesters as prescribed in the Schedule.
  • The titles of courses, course codes, credit point and other details are set out in the Schedule and the Senate shall have power, on the recommendation of the Faculty Board to amend, add to, delete from or vary the courses, their titles, syllabi, course 5 codes, credit values and other details of the program. Such amendments shall come into effect after due notice.            
  • The Program of Study and Examinations leading to the MLRHRM Degree shall be conducted in the conventional mode and/or through the information communication technology driven on-line mode or a combination of multi-modes and these By-Laws, and other relevant By-Laws, Rules and Regulations passed by the University shall be so applied and interpreted in order to facilitate the effective conduct of the study program without compromising its integrity and quality.
  • The medium of instruction and examination shall be English.
  • The Senate, on the recommendation of the Faculty Board shall appoint a Board of Examiners to conduct and assess the performance of candidates.

By-law of MLRHRM

  • Duration: One year
  • Weekend Programme
  • SLQF level: 9
  • Number of Credits: 30
  • Medium of Instructions: English
  • A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University/ Institution in labour relations and human resource management; or
  • Any other Bachelor’s degree, with prior learning/ work experience in labour relations and human resource management; or
  • Postgraduate Diploma (SLQF 8) from a recognized University/ Institution or an equivalent qualification acceptable to the Faculty Board and the Senate of the University with prior learning/ work experience in labour relations and human resource management; or
  • Professional qualification in labour relations and human resource management from a recognized professional body acceptable to the Faculty Board of the FGS and the Senate of the University with prior learning/ work experience in labour relations and human resource management; or
  • Completion of NVQ level 7 (equivalent to Bachelor’s degree in SLQF) with relevant work experience in labour relations and human resource management as determined by the Faculty Board and the Senate of the University.

Application forms can be downloaded from the faculty web site

Completed application forms along with the certified copies of relevant certificates and payment slip should be scanned and emailed via ( and also should be sent through the registered post to reach the Senior Assistant Registrar, Faculty of Graduate Studies, on or before 26th July 2021.

Application fee of Rs 3000/= can be made by using the code 318-1807-0000-8 to any People’s Bank Branch.

Application Fee: LKR 3,000/-
Registration Fee: LKR 5,000/-
Course Fee: LKR 157,000/-
Library Fee: LKR 1500/-
Examination Fee: LKR 12000/-
(Per one paper 2000*6)
Refundable Library Deposit: LKR 5,000/-
(Rs. 2,500/= per card)

  • Professor K Dissanayake
  • Professor A Sarveswaran
  • Dr. R Senathiraja
  • Dr. GRP Silva
  • Dr. TMND Thennakoon
  • Dr. AWMM Atapattu
  • Dr. Prabhashini Wijewantha

Course Coordinator

Professor K. Dissanayake
PhD, Meiji University, Tokyo


Course Assistant

Ms. Limani

Phone: (+94) 11 205 56 56