Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychosocial Support - PgDCP 2024/25 -Weekend Programme


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  • The programme of study leading to the PGDCP Degree, unless otherwise decided by the Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty Board for special reasons, shall be one academic year with seven (06) core modules, a practice placement (120 hours) and a placement report amounting to 30 total credits, offered in two semesters. In the case of the MCP Degree the schedule shall be one academic year with four (4) core modules, one (1) research project seminar, a practice placement (120 hours), and a dissertation of 15 credits amounting to a total of thirty (30) credits, offered in two semesters. Thus the overall credit value of the MCP Degree will amount to sixty (60) credits since the PGDCP Degree embodies the first year of the Masters in Counselling and Psychosocial Support (MCP) Degree programme.
  • The PGDCP programme shall include as prescribed in the schedule
  1. Six Core Modules
  2. A Practice Placement (120 hours of independent engagement in counselling and psychosocial support with site and faculty supervision)
  3. A Placement Report on field activities (8000 words)
  • The titles of courses, syllabi, course codes, credit point and other details are set out in the schedule and the Senate shall have power, on the recommendation of the Faculty Board to amend, add to, delete from or vary the courses, their titles, syllabi, course codes, credit points and other details of the program. Such amendments shall come into effect after due notice.
  • The ‘Practice Placement’ should be carried out in consultation with and guided by the coordinator and/or supervisor following the approval by the Senate, on the recommendation of the Faculty Board and the Board of Studies for Development Studies (BSDS)
  • The Senate, on the recommendation of the Faculty Board shall appoint a Board of Examiners to conduct the examinations and assess the performance of candidates.
  • The performance in the six course modules, the Practice Placement, and the Placement Report shall be assessed during or at the end of the course by lecturers concerned, who will also be members of the Board of Examiners.
  • The attendance requirement should also be satisfied and will be taken into consideration in the assessment.
  • The medium of instruction and examination shall be English.
  • The objective of the Postgraduate Diploma is to equip students with skills to design and manage a basic psychosocial intervention or programme and to critically assess the impact of these.
  • At an individual level, on completion of the programme, students will be able to provide counselling for psychosocial problems while engaging in basic self-care and maintaining ethical professional conduct.
  • Students will be able to apply assessment, planning and intervention skills in relation to both counselling as well as community or systems level responses to prevent or mitigate the effects of problems.
  • PgDCP, MCP both programmes are interdisciplinary embracing insights from psychology as well as anthropology, sociology, development studies, and feminist theory.  These will enable students to obtain practical experience, to enhance personal growth and to be absorbed into governmental, non-governmental or private organizations.
  • The Postgraduate Diploma will allow practitioners to gain a sufficient level of proficiency for practice in the field.

Semester I

PgDCP 5101  : Introduction to Counselling Skills
PgDCP 5102  : Introduction to Psychosocial Interventions: Theories, Approaches & Ethics
PgDCP 5103  : Key Psychosocial Issues & Problems

Semester II

PgDCP 5201  : Theories & Approaches in Counselling
PgDCP 5202 : Implementing Psychosocial Interventions: Needs Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Programme Management
PgDCP 5203  : Seminars on Practical Application of Counselling Skills
PgDCP 5204  : Practice Placement (Independent Practice – based study)
PgDCP 5205  : Placement Report (Words 8,000)

The one year post-graduate Diploma will constitute:

  • Six Core Modules
  • Practice Placement
  • Placement Report  (8,000 words)

Candidates who successfully complete the PgDCP with distinction or a merit pass are eligible to apply for registration to the MCP programme.

By-law of PgDCP

– Duration: 2 Years Post-graduate Diploma leading to Masters
– Weekend Programme
Saturday (9.00 am – 4.00 pm)
– SLQF level: 08
– Number of Credits: 30
– Medium of Instructions: English

  • A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University/ Institution in a field relevant to the subject matter/s of the PGDCP; OR
  • Any other Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University/Institution with one year’s work experience relevant to the subject matter /s of the PGDCP; OR
  • Professional qualification or an equivalent qualification from a recognized professional body acceptable to the Faculty Board and the Senate of the University with one years’ work experience in the field of PGDCP; OR
  • Any other Higher Diploma from a recognized University/ Institution or an equivalent qualification so recognized by the Faculty Board and the Senate of the University of Colombo with three years’ work experience in the field of PGDCP; OR
  • Minimum of eight years sustained work experience relevant to the field of study in recognized institutions or work place with strong recommendation on the capacity of the candidate to undertake the programme from the Head of the institution where the candidate works. Each application under this clause shall be considered on its merit; AND
  • Satisfactory performance at a selection test and/or selection interview; AND
  • A good knowledge of English language.
  • A person who wishes to apply for the FGS programmes shall forward the application to the Senior Assistant Registrar, Faculty of Graduate Studies, No.35/30, Pro. Stanley Wijesundara Mawatha, Colombo 07.
  • Applications can be downloaded from ( the faculty website.
  • The students will be selected through an interview or a placement test or both.
  • The next intake will be announced via the website, at the time of calling for applicants.

Course Fee ( Local Students)

Application Fee: LKR 3,000/-

Registration Fee: LKR 5,000/-
Course Fee: LKR 206,500/-
Library Fee: LKR 1,500/-
Examination Fee: LKR 12,000/-

Refundable Library Deposit: LKR 5,000/-
(Rs. 2,500/= per card)

Course Fee ( Foreign Students)

Application Fee: 40 USD

Registration Fee: 65 USD
Course Fee: 2664 USD
Library Fee: 19 USD
Examination Fee: 155 USD

Refundable Library Deposit: LKR 5,000/-
(Rs. 2,500/= per card)

Course Coordinator

Professor Gameela Samarasinghe
PhD in Universite de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest, France

Telephone: (+94)11 205 56 56

Course Assistant

Ms. UDS Dulmini Uggalla

Phone: (+94) 11 205 56 56