Postgraduate Diploma in Environment Management - PgDEM 2022/23


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Sustainable Development Goals emphasize the need for healthy and productive environment. This is achieved only when the key components of the environments are identified and the value of ecosystems and biodiversity is appreciated. This programme intends to introduce the subject of Environment Management to persons interested and provide a foundation to acquire knowledge further on this subject and pursue for a Masters Degree programme and further.

The objectives of the course of study will be:

  1. To impart a sound knowledge for understanding of the different ways in which Economic, social and management (or anthropogenic) actors affect the natural environment.
  2. To appreciate the scarce and unique value and usefulness of products produced by the environment and
  3. To provide basic skills on tools and knowledge on subjects for the decision making and management towards the sound use of environment for sustainable development.

Learning outcomes are:

  1. Equip with a sufficient theoretical knowledge, recognize and evaluate theoretical perspectives on ecological and economic value of the environment assets, their products and services.
  2. Acquire skills and technical ability to understand and act on mitigating environmental problems related to sustainable development with special reference to Sri Lanka.
  3. Apply skills in developing intervention techniques to critically examine the contemporary issues and developments in conservation of natural assets in order to resolve practical issues in managing environment with a special focus on Sri Lanka.

Semester I

PGDEM 5101 – Introduction to Ecology
PGDEM 5102 – Fundamentals of Economics
PGDEM 5103 – Introduction to Sociology
PGDEM 5104 – Global and Sri  Lanka State of Environment

Semester II

PGDEM 5201 – Biodiversity and Conservation
PGDEM 5202 – Environment Law and Policy
PGDEM 5203 – Environment Protection and  Management
PGDEM 5204 – A Case Study on Successful Environment Management

  1. The program of PGDEM is of one academic duration with eight (08) courses of 25 credits, offered in two semesters as prescribed in the schedule of its By- Laws.
  2. The End-of-Semester Examinations will be held for taught 7 courses, unless the Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty Board, decides otherwise.
  3. The evaluations will be based on End of Semester Examinations and assignments on continuous assessments which assess the performance of the candidate at assignments, class-room tests, quizzes, reports, discussions, seminars, oral presentations

By-law of PgDEM

  • Duration: One year
  • Weekend Programme (Sunday)
  • SLQF level: 8
  • Number of Credits: 25
  • Medium of Instructions: English
  1. A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University/Institution in Environment Management; OR
  2. Any other Bachelor’s Degree, with prior learning/work experience in Environment Management; OR
  3. Professional qualification in Environment Management from a recognized professional body acceptable to the Faculty Board and the Senate of the University with prior learning/work experience in Environment Management; OR
  4. Completion of NVQ level 7 (equivalent to Bachelor’s degree in SLQF) with relevant work in Environment Management as determined by the Faculty Board and the Senate of the University; AND
  5. A good knowledge of English language and satisfactory performance at a selection test and/or selection interview.

          Each application under clause (iv) shall be considered on its merit.

  • A person who wishes to apply for the FGS programmes shall forward the application to the Senior Assistant Registrar, Faculty of Graduate Studies, No.35/30, Pro. Stanley Wijesundara Mawatha, Colombo 07.
  • Applications can be downloaded from ( the faculty website.
  • The students will be selected through an interview or a placement test or both.
  • The next intake will be announced via the website, at the time of calling for applicants.

Application Fee: LKR 2,500/-
Registration Fee: LKR 5,000/-
Course Fee: LKR 100,000/-
Library Fee: LKR 1,500/-
Examination Fee: LKR 16,000/-
(Per one paper 2,000*8)
Refundable Library Deposit: LKR 5,000/-
(Rs. 2,500/= per card)

  • Professor Sudheera M. W. Ranwala
  • Professor Devaka Weerakoon
  • Professor Deepthi Wickramasinghe
  • Professor Chamari Hettiarachchi
  • Professor K. Amirthalingam
  • Professor A. Sarveswaran
  • Dr. Athula Senaratne
  • Dr. Jinendra Dissanayake
  • Dr. Chaminda Padmakumara

Course Coordinator

Dr Jinendra Dissanayake
PhD, Queensland University of Technology, Australia


Course Assistant

Ms. Chandrika Rathnayaka

Phone: (+94) 11 205 56 56